Business Analytics & Data Management

Blindfolds are good for pin the tail on the donkey, not so much for making critical business decisions.

Business Analytics & Data Management

With relevant, up-to-date data at your fingertips in user-friendly applications, you’re positioned to take advantage of opportunities to improve your business and gain a competitive advantage. That’s why Walton Partners’ Business Analytics & Data Management services are designed to help you easily, quickly, and cost effectively access the data your organization needs to operate the business and make strategic decisions.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Are you getting the data you need to operate the business and make decisions on a timely basis?
  • Are you ever frustrated by your lack of ability to gain access to relevant data you know exists within your organization?
  • Do you spend more time collecting and preparing data than you do analyzing it?

Walton Partners can help you define and implement efficient, reliable, and cost effective data analysis and reporting capabilities.

Data Integration

  • Is the flow of data within your business processes supporting the achievement of your business objectives (i.e., high-quality, reliable, timely)?
  • Is a large portion of your organization engaged in managing the flow of data internally or to external parties?

Walton Partners can help you define and implement efficient, reliable, and cost effective internal and external interfaces.

Enterprise Portal

  • Is your enterprise portal improving the overall productivity and decision-making of your employees?
  • Does your enterprise portal enable the behaviors/culture you believe your employees must exhibit for the organization to be successful (e.g., collaboration, data sharing)?
  • Can employees get access to critical applications and data on your employee portal?

Walton Partners can help you develop and implement a comprehensive enterprise portal strategy that facilitates effective access to a wide range of company resources and tools.

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