Internal Audit

Surprises are fun. Unless they’re in your external audit findings.

Internal Audit

The business world is always changing, and internal auditors are being asked to change with it. Whether you’re an independent small to mid-size company or a multi-billion dollar publicly-held entity, you’re expected to keep up with it all. That’s where we come in. From detecting and deterring fraud to monitoring business operations, our customized internal audit solutions will meet your ever-changing needs.

Walton Partners’ audit professionals can help in the following ways.


Internal Audit Co-sourcing:

  • Provides access to skilled audit resources without permanently expanding staff
  • Allows Audit Directors to focus on core processes
  • Enables immediate response to special audit requests


Internal Audit Outsourcing:

  • Includes development of risk-based internal audit plan
  • Enables better performance monitoring of core operations and support functions
  • Ensures proper levels of controls


Quality Assurance Reviews:

  • Analyzes strengths and weaknesses of current internal audit function
  • Helps you prioritize audit projects
  • Increases efficiency of internal audits


Fraud & Forensic Auditing:

  • Resolves complex financial disputes
  • Assists in fraud investigation
  • Provides expertise and assistance for restated financial reporting


Audit Committee Advisory:

  • Improves structure and efficiency of internal audit activities
  • Exposes audit-related risks
  • Identifies gaps in resources and skills
  • Provides continuing education and other advisory needs

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