IT Operations & Infrastructure

Create an IT organization that’s recognized for more than just meeting service level agreements.

IT Operations & Infrastructure

In today’s business climate, IT needs to support the capability of the business to respond to opportunities faster then ever before, while minimizing the footprint cost, in a secure manner, any time…day or night.

Walton Partners brings best practices and experts with experience in driving business results. Our multi-disciplined approach assesses your technology platform and defines solutions that integrate seamlessly into your strategic business objectives.

Infrastructure Cost Recovery Assessment & Implementation

Walton Partners offers proven expertise, flexible methodologies and a partnering approach to help you discover new ways to save money while maintaining the excellent service delivery your business partners have come to rely on.

Our Infrastructure Cost Recovery Assessment & Implementation service will help you:

  • Reduce capital costs
  • Increase systems performance
  • Reduce space and power needs
  • Modernize the support platform
  • Re-allocate resources to growth opportunities


Outsourcing Assessment & Implementation

Infrastructure as a Service (Outsourcing Assessment) is an on demand service methodology that delivers the hardware and computing power your business needs as you need it.

Walton Partners can help you identify potential cost savings in your IT Strategy by understanding your as-is situation, your future state goal and formulating the correct balance between investment and cost savings to maximize ROI along the journey.

Our Outsourcing Assessment & Implementation service will help you:

  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Enable rapid upscale and downscale flexibility
  • Mitigate risks of over/under-building of your infrastructure
  • Formalize your Disaster Recovery strategy
  • Free up your IT Resource Allocation

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