IT Architecture

Are you building your organization on a solid foundation?

IT Architecture

Even with the strongest materials and best intentions, a building constructed without a well designed architecture will not fully meet expectations, and in many situations, faces risk of critical failure. In today’s ever demanding business environment, the same applies to organizations without a solid and well formed IT architecture.

Today’s organizations have an extensive variety of technology and architecture options. The key to success is selecting the right ones for your business landscape. Since there is no “one size fits all” solution to good architecture, effective architecture development requires hands on evaluation and planning by experienced architects.

System Architecture Assessment & Implementation

A System Architecture Assessment identifies current and future architectural concerns that can impact the deployment and operation of a system or a collection of systems (program level). This thorough evaluation provides early identification of architecture issues and risks through hands on evaluation of the current or planned system architecture.

In addition to improving long term system stability and lifespan, a thorough architecture assessment can provide substantial cost savings by:

  • Reducing change requests due to improved SLA realization
  • Eliminating delays by decreasing component rework and bug fixes
  • Minimizing time and costs related to future system modifications


Application Portfolio Rationalization & Implementation

Application Portfolio Rationalization (APR) is the formal process of analyzing and restructuring the current applications within an organization.  APR specifically seeks to optimize IT spending by evaluating the current portfolio against the strategic IT and business needs of the organization.

Application Portfolio Rationalization will provide critical data elements and recommendations to decision makers, including: potential candidates for consolation; identified portfolio risks; and applications that have (or will have) an excessive total cost of ownership.  The potential for long term cost savings from even minor portfolio improvements can easily outweigh the cost of a comprehensive APR initiative.

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