Search Process

Our Search Process

Our approach to search is systematic.  We respect the fact that each client has a unique culture and set of values, and faces specific industry dynamics that affect their own particular staffing needs. When a client entrusts us to help them build their management teams, our consistent methodology and the collaborative nature of our internal and external relationships provide a clear framework to understand the complexities of each and every search.  This allows Walton Executive to quickly and efficiently meet, or in most cases, exceed client expectations.

Using detailed research of target companies, combined with mining of our extensive database and leveraging of our network of industry contacts, a thorough search of the marketplace is undertaken to ensure only the best candidates are considered.

For all of our assignments, while serving as a trusted advisor to our clients, we observe the following process:

1. Consultation

We work closely with the client to understand their company background, specific business goals, industry dynamics, position requirements and any other issues relevant to the assignment. Within this dialogue, Walton Executive helps the client to refine their recruitment objectives.

2. Strategy, Job Specification and Action Plan

Walton Executive prepares and submits a detailed position specification, outlining the nature, responsibilities of the role and all particular skill requirements. Based on our market intelligence and our experience with other relevant assignments, we develop and agree on the search strategy (industry, company and geographical coverage) most likely to deliver superior candidates. At this point, we also confirm the timing of all steps required to ensure the client’s needs are met in a timely manner without compromising the quality of the assignment.

3. Market Research, Candidate Identification and Review

Walton Executive develops a comprehensive target list of qualified candidates through a combination of research, data mining, and networking. A high level of market familiarity and access to industry leaders provide us with a clear advantage during this key phase. After careful evaluation of the core competencies, experience and cultural fit of each potential candidate, we contact those who are suitable to gauge interest and career goals. Walton Executive then screens potential candidates to confirm the most qualified via face to face interviews and conducting reference checks. A select slate of the best candidates, along with detailed background reports will then be presented to the client. While we will review and discuss a number of names with our client during the search process, our goal is to present three to five highly qualified candidates so our client will have a choice but not be overburdened with too many interviews.

4. Candidate Evaluation and Client Interview

Ensuring both the client and the candidates are fully briefed, Walton Executive arranges for the parties to meet. Immediately following the client interviews, Walton Executive works to thoroughly understand the feedback from each side to support the assessment and strategy for further meetings. Walton Executive helps the client to review relative strengths and weaknesses of all prospects based on the agreed position specification.

5. Offer and Reference Check

A thorough knowledge of compensation and benefit trends in the client’s industry helps Walton Executive serve as a valuable intermediary during the critical offer phase. In addition to facilitating a final offer, Walton Executive conducts any additional reference checks, as appropriate.

6. Feedback and Follow Up

Our relationship with both the client and the candidate continues well beyond the successful conclusion of an assignment. As a responsible liaison between the parties, Walton Executive maintains contact to ensure a smooth transition. Further, unlike many other firms, we always seek feedback from the clients we serve as well as the candidates we interface with on their behalf. Performance feedback from clients and follow-up with candidates provide us with important perspectives on how we can best serve our clients.

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