Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions: ensure your merger or acquisition expands revenue and reduces operating costs

Mergers and acquisitions are among the most complicated initiatives that any organization undertakes. Your top priority is to ensure your merger or acquisition expands revenue and reduces operating costs. Merging disparate organizations, people, processes and technologies is a daunting task that can be a source of significant distraction from a company’s core operations. All too often, M&A activities don’t meet their original objectives, and synergies and anticipated returns on investment are not achieved due to surprises during execution. We Can Help.


To effectively complete a merger or acquisition, any buyer (and seller) must consider the level of due diligence necessary to protect their interest. Walton Partners provides a range of merger and acquisition services to public companies and privately-held businesses.

Whether the client is interested in pursuing the sale of all or part of its business, or in making a strategic acquisition, Walton Partners’ focus is on managing the process to a successful conclusion to enhance shareholder value.

We can support you through the transaction cycle with the effective and efficient delivery of the following services:


  • Assist in evaluating the deal.
  • Analyze the value and risk drivers.
  • Assist in the execution of the Letter of Intent (“LOI”).


Due Diligence

Provide the following services:

  • Financial services.
  • Tax services.
  • Benefits services.
  • Markets and competitors services.
  • Operations and technology services.
  • Identify deal breakers



  • Help structure the deal.
  • Provide accounting advice:
  • Impact of transaction on ongoing accounts.
  • Goodwill.
  • Debt or equity.
  • Cost of restructuring and integration.
  • Push down accounting.
  • Recap accounting.
  • Merger accounting.


Post-Closing Assistance

  • Provide audit, review or compilation services.
  • Provide tax services.


Negotiations and Closing

  • Provide sale and purchase agreement advice.
  • Dispute resolution and completion accounts.
  • Significant closing mechanisms.
  • Price adjustments.
  • Closing and completion account mechanisms.
  • Preparation and audit of completion accounts.
  • Resolution of price disputes.

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