Frédérique Thiébaut


Frédérique Thiébaut

Frédérique Thiébaut is a prominent Career & Executive Coach based in London UK. She holds two Master degrees, in Law and HR Management. 

Frédérique has acquired 14 years HR experience in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Travel, Technology and Entertainment.

She holds a Certificate in Professional Coaching approved by the ICF and detains a specialization in Career Coaching.

Frédérique will allow Walton Partners to expand its services offerings by integrating Coaching Solutions into its portfolio of activities.

Through this alliance, Walton Partners will also cover the UK market.

Frédérique will not only cover the UK market but also the EMEA region. In fact, as a native French and bilingual in English, she will contribute to the development of the Coaching Practice in both French and English speaking countries.

The Power of Coaching

Frédérique coaches people on their careers to connect them with their passions, purpose and values, linking it to the business reality. It’s about searching a career with meaning.

She also coaches Executives to help them exploit their full potential and make an impact with their leadership.

Coaching is a powerful tool to:

  • Take control of your career and be aligned with what you want,
  • Help you make decisions,
  • Up-level your performance,
  • Increase leadership by strengthening your strengths,
  • Unlock any type of conflictual situation with concrete solutions.

Frédérique Thiébaut: Top Executive & Career Coach

Frédérique offers one-to-one sessions, in which her role is to get you

  • To clarify what is right for you and make it an objective;
  • To explore what is holding you back and what it could be like to reach that objective;
  • To break it into steps;
  • to be happy and aligned at the end

She will be there to guide, encourage but also to challenge you.

Frédérique uses a range of resources and coaching models with a structured approach which includes between 3 to 9 sessions depending on the goal.

Career Coaching

The Sessions are a safe place for you to explore your dreams, ideas, values and beliefs on specific topics of your choice or at a key moment in your life.

The aim is for you to get the confidence and the drive to transform your professional life and give it the meaning that you are looking for.

Career Assessment

  • Assess your past experiences and explore your strengths
  • Explore your interests and your values
  • Explore your career options
  • Make a decision about your next move and devise a practical action plan

Career Tools

  • Create a stand-out CV
  • Shape your online presence through LinkedIn
  • Identify where and how to apply for jobs
  • Rehearse for interviews

Personal Branding

  • Strengthen your network and communicate your stay.

Executive Coaching

The Sessions are a safe place for you to explore your strengths, areas for development, leadership style, emotional intelligence or any specific topic of your choice.

The aim is for you to gain self-awareness, unlock your potential and use the coach as a sounding board.

  • Conflict Management
  • Management / Leadership Style
  • Change Management
  • Support for Entering a New job
  • Decision Making
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Emotional Intelligence.

Team Management

  • Strengthen Delegation
  • Motivation
  • Performance Management
  • Employees Development.

Contact Details

  • Frédérique Thiébaut

    Executive & Career Coach

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